Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the big deal with Bowden Drive?

A: Bowden systems allow the extruder motor to be mounted away from the hot end, reducing the amount of moving mass. This allows printing at higher speeds and reduces "z-ringing" and other artifacts caused by internal vibrations in the machine.

Q: What about Flying Extruders and Direct Drive systems?

A: Even a flying extruder uses a Bowden tube. It will be shorter, potentially producing better results with flexible filaments. This is primarily apparent with larger printers. Our tubes can even be used for Direct Drive systems, for what's known as a 'reverse Bowden' or 'filament guide' meaning the Capricorn Bowden Tube feeds the filament from the spool to the extruder motor. This is the default on some direct drive printers, and has advantages such as being able to route the filament around corners without breaking it.

Q: What makes a Capricorn Bowden Tube better?

A: Check out our Technical Specifications Page for the nitty gritty numbes.

Q: Where can I buy Capricorn Bowden Tubes

A: As of June 2017, you can purchase our products through our website, as well as Filastruder. We plan to launch on Amazon and additional resellers soon.

Q: How do I cut and install my new Bowden Tube

A: Check out our How To Page for further instructions.

Q: How secure is this website?

A: Our site is powered by a 3rd-party shopping card platform called Ecwid. Ecwid conforms to the security requirements of Level 1 PCI DSS, which is the highest international standard for secure data exchanges for e-commerce. Banks all over the world use the same standard. We do keep a list of all the names, addresses, emails, etc., of our past customers. However, we will never spam you or sell your information or anything like that. If we start a newsletter and so forth, it will be opt-in only. If you would like us to delete your information from the Ecwid database, just shoot us an email to

Q: How can I sell Capricorn products in my own retail shop or website?

A: We would love to do business with you! Please contact for wholesale pricing.