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Founded in 2016, Capricorn began with one simple vision in mind:

"To Make the World's Best Bowden Tubes."

Following the strictest quality standards, and using only the highest quality raw materials, we produce Bowden tubing products that will take your 3D printing experience to the next level!


July 2020

Enki MMU

Enki of the Deep - Multi Material Version - Now available for free Download!

The wait is finally over! Download Enki of the Deep by Loubie3D (MULTI material version) now at MyMiniFactory https://www.myminifactory...

October 2019

Enki at #ERRF2019


Our second year for the East Coast RepRap Festival! We met tons of awesome people, demonstrated our green-pink-yellow thermachromic filament for the crowds, and showed off our new mascot, a 1 meter tall, 6 KG 'Enki of the Deep' statue, designed by Loubie3D.

Enki consists of over 30 3D printed parts, ranging from 5 minutes for the pupils to over 60 hours in print time for the rock. His tailfin, head, and horns are attached by magnets for easy transport, the voids for which are built into the model. The other parts have pegs to hold them in place, with the help of some hot glue.

The body, printed in all Capricorn PLA filaments, is hollow so wires and lights can be run inside. The rock, printed in Fillamentum Mukha, has a hidden magnetic door and room inside for a batteries and electronics. The smaller parts were printed on our Rostock MAX V3's, and the largest parts on our Tevo Little Monsters, outfitted with Captubes.


September 2019

More Creality Printers Now Available With Captubes

Creality3D is currently shipping the following printers with genuine Captubes:

CR-10S PRO, CR-10S PRO V2, CR-10 MAX, CR20 PRO

Unconfirmed rumors are the Ender 5 Pro will have Captubes also.

July 2019


Capricorn PLA Filaments are now in stock!

Get ready to experience intense, brilliant colors and exotic, dazzling materials that will change the way you 3D print.

Enki MMF

Enki of the Deep - Single Material Version - Now available for free Download!

Download Enki of the Deep by Loubie3D (single material version) now at MyMiniFactory

May 2019

We are excited to announce that all bundle deals will now include a sample sachet of Magigoo. We love Magigoo and we're confident you will too. You can find 50ml and 120ml bottles in our shop.

April 2019

We have commissioned one of the best and most well known 3D artists in the world, Loubie3D, to design a Capricorn model for us to show off our new filaments. It will be available for free download on all the top forums.

March 2019

Midwest RepRap Fest 2019

We had a great #MRRF2019 this year! We offered an exclusive limited edition black tubing to MRRF attendees all weekend, until we ran out.

We also introduced our new line of premium PLA filaments! These will be available on Amazon soon.

January 2019

CR-10S Pro

Creality Printers Now Available With Captubes

We are excited to announce that Creality "Pro" Series printers, including the popular CR-10S Pro, now feature genuine Capricorn XS Bowden Tubing!

March 2018


Midwest RepRap Fest 2018

#MRRF2018 was a blast!! There were roughly double the number of attendees of 2017! We got to see lots of awesome new products, like Slice Engineering's new hot ends, and Filablend's new 3-color filaments.

We announced our NEW 2.85mm Bowden Tubing! We built a 7 foot tall Eiffel Tower. We got to meet Tom! We had the BEST Tacos ever!!

The best part was seeing so many printers using our Bowden Tubing this year, and meeting all of the great people who love our products. Several people came up to us and said our tubing was the single best upgrade they had ever done to their printer(s)!


December 2017

Many new types of fittings are now in stock!


August 2017

New Products! We now offer Tubing Cutters and Value Bundles in our shop.

What Makes Our Bowden Tubing the Best?

Capricorn produces two product lines for your Bowden tubing needs. All our tubing is made from the finest pure virgin PTFE, so it always has good flexibility, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and melting point:

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